Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Best friends

These are my best friends, ana and annliz. I miss them so so so much.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

At the beach

One afternoon Jason and Grace were enjoying the beach. They were looking at some boats that were sailing on the beach. While they were enjoying the beach grace looked down at her watch and it was 4:00, so it was time to head home.

As they were walking towards their car Grace just remembered about her good luck bracelet that she got for christmas from her grandma. Then they walked back down and looked for it. “I have to find before grandma finds out” Grace said sadly.  

They were looking for her bracelet for two hours. “Have you seen a gold and silver bracelet” asked grace to a stranger that was hanging out at the beach. While Grace was looking for her bracelet Jason was eating a lollipop, and then he put it in the
bin, when he looked down at the bin he screamed “Grace I found you good luck bracelet, shouted Jason.

“HOORAY” shouted Grace and Jason.After they found Grace’s  bracelet they went home and had dinner. Grace was so happy that she found her bracelet and she weared her good luck bracelet for the rest of her life. THE END!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Animation Movie.


I can’t wait until the holidays because every holiday
we go out to different places. I am so happy that there is only ONE more week to go. I am so so so happy!

This holidays I am going to rainbows end for the first week of the holidays and it is going to be fun.I so can not wait.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Walking into class Mr marks was holding some bands in his hands, I thought that we were doing something special. Mr marks told us to line up to go out to the courts. When we finally reached the senior courts we thought, what are we doing here.Then Mr Marks said to get in pairs.

“We are going to pretend to be in the paralympics in london” said Mr Marks. In my mind I thought, what's paralympics. Then we played relay, BUT we just had to sprint with one hand and that gave us a disadvantage.

It was difficult running with one hand but I made it to the end. When I got to the end I thought that was harder and challenging. It nearly made me fall down.

While my partner was running I was looking at the other people and they were hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing. It looked like they were penguins.

This time Mr marks said that we have to put both of our hand in the bands and it was really hard. When it was my turn I raced to the end and I raced back.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


As I walked into class Mr marks was holding some bands in his hands, I thought that we were doing something special. Mr marks told us to line up to go out to the courts. When we finally reached the senior courts we thought, what are we doing here. then Mr marks said to get a pairs.

“We are going to be kind of like to the paralympics people in london” said Mr Marks. In my mind I thought, what's paralympics. Then we played relay, BUT we just had to sprint with one hand  and that gave us a disadvantage.

It was difficult running with one hand but I made it to the end. When I got to the end I thought that was harder and challenging. It nearly made me fall down.

While my partner was running I was looking at the other people and they were hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing. It looked like they were penguins.

This time Mr marks said that we have to put both of our hand in the bands and it was really hard. When it was my turn I raced to the end and I raced back.


Monday, September 10, 2012

The weekend

At the weekend I went to the park and I saw my friend Annliz. Then we played on the swing. After that we played ball tiggy with some kids we saw.

Later that afternoon  we decided to walk  down to the takeaways to order some chicken and chips. Then we walked back and sat on the seat and ate until we were full. Then it was time to go home.

It was a wonderful and exhausting day and I was so happy. I was looking forward to seeing my friend the next time we meet.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sitting volleyball

Sitting volleyball  is a game for people who don’t have legs. It is similar to volleyball but the net is a little bit smaller and you have to sit down. This sport is participated in the paralympics which it for people who have no legs, no arms, deaf and blind. Sitting volleyball concludes slipping and sliding.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tandem cycling

Tandem cycling is a sport that is in the paralympics which is for disabled people. Tandem cycling is when there are two seats and it’s connected together. The person in the front seat is a pilot, which means that they help the person at the back seat which is blind. Pumping their legs like burning wheels I cheered them on. Racing on the velodrome their legs were slowing down.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Favourite Food!

My favourite food is chocolate, because it is yummy.Every time I go to the shops with my mum I always get chocolate. My favourite flavour is caramel. Who ever loves chocolate is my best friend!  I love chocolate.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cross Country.

“Cross country, Cross country” is the worst event ever. I would never dream about cross country. Today is cross country and I am not feeling good. But I  just want to support my team TE ARAWA.  “GO TE ARAWA” I said quietly to myself.

“On your marks, get set, “Bang” shouted Mr Burt. Off we went trying hard not to bang into each other. I was already muddy. Luckily I didn’t slip like some other girls did at the start line.

As we were getting near some more puddles, I realised that the track was dangerous. Jogging carefully down the slippery stairs I nearly slipped but luckily I held onto the tree. I was happily saved by the tree.

“Oh my god” I said, I never knew cross country was going to be so hard and long. When I got half way I started to sprint so I could catch up to some girls but sadly I didn’t. I was getting closer to the finish line and I was so proud of myself.

“yeah” I said happily to myself. I was nearly there. I sprinted to the finish line and  made myself happy. I had a drink and then I had a rest. Looking down at my pretty purple and black shoes, it was all muddy and yucky.

I had fun running the whole track with my friends. It was awesome, and most of all it’s fun hearing about your friends achieving their goals. It was an amazing day.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Having a BBQ.

"One dollar for a sausage" Mr Marks shouted with a big angry voice, we were doing a barbecue. I was so excited to start because I was starving. I was so happy that we were doing a barbecue.

While other people were cutting the onions Mr Marks was doing the barbecue I could smell a yummy taste. It was making me hungry.The smell was so strong it made my tummy rumble.

After they all cut the onions and the sausage was ready, the girls lined up and got a napkin with a bread on it and inside of the bread was a sausage wrapped inside. Then they finally came to me so I could squeeze tomato sauce onto their sausage.

Finally it was my turn to line up. I had a nice napkin and inside of  the bread and inside was a yummy sausage. Then I squeezed my favourite sauce on top of my sausage.

Hmmm I said happily to myself, looking at my sausage with greedy look. I was so excited to take my first bite. Finally I took my first huge bite.It was so incredible. I was nearly full. “I want another sausage” I whispered to myself.

Having a barbeque was so fun. Then I realised that everybody was crying because the onions were making them cry. Lucky I didn’t  cut the onions. I was so relieved that we were finished. I had a great afternoon cooking with my classroom.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Princess Pinky

One day I went to the pet store and I bought a pet. I picked the pink one because it was so cute and pink was my favourite colour. When it was dinner I feed my pet so that I could get some choclate from my mum.

“Time for bed” shouted my mum with a angry voice. Then I ran upstairs and went to sleep. As I was sleeping I was dreaming about my pet thinking of what name to name my pet. In the morning I got dressed for school and ate cereal and then I feed my pet.

That afternoon I picked a name for my cute pet. I named it princess Pinky because that was a cute name for a pet. “Princess Pinky come and eat” I yelled with excitement. Feeding my pet I could tell she was still hungry. Putting a treat in her mouth she had a little giggle.

After I feed princess pinky I went to take her for a walk to get some exercise. While we were walking there was another dog coming this way with the evil twins called Ana and Ata. When we walked past them I was so scared that they would do something to me but they didn’t. They only said bad stuff about me but I didn’t care.

When we got home I went to sleep with princess pinky and I had a good sleep.THE END.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Best Rippa rugby training ever

“RINGRING” Shouted the bell with a enormous loud voice. Walking down the hall way I grabbed my bag and ran off screaming with a loud voice saying “YEAH”.When I finally got to the courts I quickly got a zip of water and went to change in the bathrooms.

After I got changed I put on my tags and stretched before we started to train. Walking around the courts awkwardly waiting for our coach I  went for a quick jog around the smallest courts I could see. After I had a quick jog I was just in time to start.

“Run around the courts for a warm girls” shouted Miss Vaafusuaga with crunchy voice trying to finish off her food. While we were jogging around the courts I was getting a little bit tired because I just finished running around the other court. “Finally” I said quietly to my friend trying so hard not to disturb Miss Vaafusuaga.

“Now we have to do a cut” Said Miss Vaafusuaga with angriness. As we were doing ball skills I was really exhausted. Then we learned how to step, at first I wasn’t that good then I got better and better.

After we did some ball skills we finished off with a quick game. It was a good thing to finish off with training.That was the best training ever!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cross country practise

“Yeah” I shouted with excitement, we are going cross country training. I was really excited to start  because I wanted to get fitter. “ Ready, Get set, GO” Shouted Mr Marks with a loud voice, Off we went like giant cats chasing little rats.

As I was running I realised that it was congested in the breeze. Running as fast as I could I slowed down so I could catch my breath. As soon as I ran past Miss King I couldn’t run anymore because I had a really bad stitch.

“Now i’m on my second lap” singing with happiness. When I reached the end I was so relieved that I was finished. Slowly breathing through my nose I realised it was starting to rain, “OH NO” I shouted with anger trying to make the rain go away. Standing in the rain angry I was singing “Rain Rain go away come back another day”. I screamed with a loud and angry powerful voice.

“Stretch time” shouted Mr Marks with a powerful voice. Walking very slowly I tried to walk faster but my legs were not very happy with me. Finally I got to the courts then we started to stretch. “To the side to the other side” said Mr marks.”BEEP BEEP”! said the bell  with a loud voice.”Yeah” I shouted. “ That was a tiring and  exhausting day. I wish I could be fit like Grace one day.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Session two: Art in motion.

Today Room 15 went to the hall to do art in motion part two. First we did some warm up games like Running,hopping,skipping and other fun games. Then we learnt Texas's movement, which was very hard to learn. After that we practised my groups  movement. i had so much fun.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Olympic Torch Relay.

Months before each games the olympic torch is lit with  a flame from  Greece that burns through the  whole olympic games. A female performer acting as a prestes ignites  the torch.

The olympic torch is brought in during the opening ceremony and it is passed on until it reaches the last carrier, to light the cauldron. Then the olympic games officially begins.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Art in movement.

Art in movement.

Today our classroom did art in movement with Miss Muliaumasealii. I learned six new movements which were Fencing, Archery, Basketball, Judo, Weight lifting..  First Miss Muliaumasealii told us to go on the London 2012 Olympics site to get some Olympic images that we can copy. Then we walked down to the hall and we practised our movements there. I enjoyed practising with the boys and Grace and Keis, it was fun. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Champion Aldora.

This is my picture that I drew when I won the gold medal for running. It was so fun when I won the medal. I was so proud of myself.

Olympic Symbols.

This term our inquiry topic is the Olympic Games. We will be taking a close look at the London games and also uncovering some of the amazing stories of the Olympics, both past and present.

The olympic symbols are better known as the five rings that represents Africa, Asia, Europe, America, Australia which is  the inhabited continents.The colour of the rings forms the olympic flags from each nation which is blue, black, red, yellow and green. The symbol was created in 1914 and  was hoisted in 1920.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

My favorite piece of art.

My favourite piece of art is Katrina’s because it shows details and it also has my favourite colour Pink.
The reason why I like this piece of art is because she used contrasting colours and she thinks creatively. Another thing I like about this piece of art is how she drew my favourite singer NICKI MANAJ.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Trip to Youthtown

“Yeah” I shouted with excitement, another trip coming up again. I was so excited to hear that we were going to youthtown. I couldn't wait! Entering the art room I was getting a little bit cold. As soon as I got in, georgia told us to put on an apron on.That made me warm. I was so excited to start. Getting ready to start, georgia told us the instructions. First we had to cut the clay into a square. Then we had to use the other clay to make hearts and different shapes. I made a heart and a flower. I made my clay for my pressures nana. Then I decorated it with my nana’s favorite colour purple. It was so fun playing with clay. I can’t wait to give my clay to my nana she will be so happy with it.I wish I could go there again.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Reading activities.

This is my picture I drew for my reading activity. We had to draw a animal, so I decided to draw a parrot. I hope you like it.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Robert delaunay

Robert delaunay invented the orphism art form. He used vibrant colours and geometric shapes too. He came from france. He was also a poet and writer.

He liked to use bright vibrant colours which brought his artwork to life. He used contrasting colours. In most of his artwork, he used geometric shapes that represent a person and an object.

In the painting of the tall portuguese woman Robert Delaunay used geometric shapes to make a lady cooking. He used contrasting colours to make the plant on the left side.

This is my first attempt at creating a piece of art in the style of Robert Delaunay.


Claude Monet was a french painter. He enjoyed painting the same subject,landscapes and cityscapes in different days and in different seasons. Impressionist  wanted  to paint  the moment in time. They used the colour  and  light to use for their paint.

Monet created his beautiful water garden at his home in Giverny and used it as his subject over and over again. He liked the way the water was constantly reflecting the world.

The famous paintings of the japanese bridge shows an arched bridge crossing a pond.The pond is surrounded with trees and shrubs which reflect in the pond when the season changes.   

Friday, June 1, 2012

Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock was an artist from America. He lived in New York City. He died when he was in his 40’s which is quite young.  He was passionate about his art work.

The reason why he died was because he was in a car crash.  Every time Jackson Pollock does his artwork he will be holding a smoke in his hands.  He also liked to drink alcohol because he used to get depressed.

Friday, May 18, 2012

If there was no rain, sea creatures would possibly survive.

There is a part of the world where it doesn’t rain. There it is dry where animals and plants don’t live.

Rain supplies us and animals with water to drink so we can survive. Water helps plants to grow.

Some people in citys become angry when it rains, they forget how badly  farmers need the water to help grow their  plants and crops, they also forget how much they need rain, that goes through the dams and when you turn on the tap it works.  

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Swimming lessons

When we entered the pool, I could smell the chlorine coming straight to my nose. When I past the entrance I quietly tiptoed like a mouse to the showers. After I had a rinse I slid into the swimming pool, as I was getting in, I realised I was the first one to get in.

Waiting politely I, went under the water and came back up.
After a while the rest came and then we started. “Swim to the island and have 5 seconds rest then swim back” Shouted our Instructor, angrily.

“Straight arms behind your ears, off you go Annliz” said our instructor.  I was after Annliz, so I took a deep breath and took off like a rocket ship. As soon as I got to the end I was so tired I didn’t want swim again. “This reminds me about the time when we did cross country”.

I love swimming because it exercises my legs, and my body. I hope I will be a great swimmer like the swimmers on tv.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Yeah! I shouted, today we are going to the swimming pools. This is a movie about me swimming to the middle of the pool. I was really exited to go to pools.  I am in the second group. By the end of the term I might be in group three.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Immersion Assembly

I was so thrilled to come to school today, because I wanted to see my friends. When I trudged through the entrance my friends ran up to me and hugged me. “ oh my gosh I was waiting for you, for long “ shouted Ana.

“The bell rang”, said Ana. We were late for class. So we ran and just made in time. When we got to the hall, I looked around and some of the teachers were wearing costumes , it looked so colorful.

Team 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 did items, but my favourite item was team five’s because it was about primary colours and I love primary colours. The first primary colour was red, Mr barks said that red makes him feel angry.He went at the back of the stage and started to scream as if he was going to fall off the sky tower. The second colour was yellow made him dance. Then the last colour was blue made him cry. The theme of this term is art alive. I think this Term is going to be so much fun.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

About This Term

This Term was very fun because, I got to go on my Netbook again and I got to see my friends and meet new friends . I have a new friend called Charlee, every morning I walk to school with her and we are like best friends. I can't wait until next term.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Round the Bays

On a hot sunny day me my mum and my brother went to round the bays. . It was on the 17Th of march on Sunday. We parked our car at mission bay and went on the bus to the city because the roads were closed. When we got to the city, there were only five more minutes until we start. I was really exited. When we started there were heaps of people there. Do you know how much people came? There were 70 thousand people that came. I was moaning when we just past the start line. My mum was so annoyed at me. When we got to the finish line I shouted " finally ".
At the finish line there were free chocolate. I was proud of myself because I made it to the finish line.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Camp cooking

First thing we did was wash our hands. Then we got all the ingredients together, the 1st ingredient was Flour, the next ingredient was baking powder, the 3rd ingredient was egg the last ingredient was one cup of milk. We put all of those ingredients together and that’s how we made skones.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Year 5/6 camp 2012

Today is camp and I am very exited. I couldn't wait for this day to happen. My team is called the respectablez. Tonight I am going to sleep with Jorja and Hope. We will be doing activities today like cooking, table tennis and a obstacle course called top town. Tomorrow we will be doing kayaking and a game called GET LOST. On Friday we will be going down to swimarama and we will spend the whole day there. When I went home I was so tired. I missed sleeping in our tent. I hope I can sleep in a tent again.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My best Friend

My best friend is Ana, because she always helps me with my work when I get stuck. I have more friends, but Ana is my best friend in the whole world. She is my best friend I have ever had.

SChool camp

I am looking forward to camp, because I like to cook different sort’s of food. Cooking is very fun to do with friends and family. I am really exited for camp, I hope I get to cook with my friends.

I am nervous about going to camp, because when I do kayaking I might fall off the kayaking boat. I am really scared because I might drown. I think that I might not go to camp because of kayaking.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blindfold Obstacle Course

Walking towards the hall, I was wandering what we were going to do. Thinking in my head I wandered if we were going to play a game. As soon as we got to the hall I knew what we were going to do, it was a blindfold obstacle course, “ oh my lord “ I said in my head.

When Mr Marks was telling us the instructions, I was thinking in my mind I said what if I fall down, I was so worried. While I was thinking , I tried to think about the good things finally I got over it. Then Mr Marks said “ find a partner that you can trust, I choice my best friend Ana because I trust her. “ Go to the other side” said Mr Marks to the girls.

Waiting in line Ana was telling me to don’t worry I will be there for you. When she said that I didn’t worry anymore because that’s what friends are for. I was so relaxed I didn’t even think about anything.

I said to Ana that she would go first, She agreed with me. “ After Ata and Keis it’s our turn “ Ana said with happiness. Finally It was our turn, first Mr Marks put the Blindfold on Ana. Off we went, Up on the small bridge, went on the ropes, went over the Big balls. Then went to the Zig Zag And went up the stage and went on the big bean bag. “ YEAH “ shouted Ana. That was so awesome.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

School Picnic

Walking together we went down to the Point England reserve. As I was walking, I saw some teachers taking Pictures of some crazy students. Walking and chatting at the same time I could see a nice view.

When we finally got down to the point England reserve we gathered together and did Assembly. Mr Burt talked about where we are allowed to be and what we are allowed to do. While Mr Burt was talking to us I felt my bottom, it was wet. The weather was kind of okay for a picnic, but it was fun.

Jumping off the groyne I splashed into the water. Shivering to death I went out of the water. "Oh that was really cold" I shouted.

After that I played force-back with Annliz, Ana, Mele, Hope, Grace, Charlee and Mr Marks. It was a new game to me, but it was really fun playing with all my friend's and my teacher.

As soon as I played force-back I was starving, so I went for a feed. While I was chewing my food I went to play with the clay together with my friends. Making my Clay sculptures, sand went all over me. I went up the stairs and my favourite song was on, and I droped my clay. I was so angry.

After playing and eating I just had a rest under the shade with Ana and Josephine. I was so bored just resting under the shade but I was tired. Looking around made me want to play. It looked so much fun.

As soon as I had a little rest I got up and played passing the ball and Piggy in the middle. While we were playing they played karaoke. But we only played two songs because we had to pick up the rubbish and pack up the games.

Then we came together and we had to walk back to school. I went home and I was really exhausted. I hope we do another picnic.


My favorite sport is Netball, because it makes me fir and healthy.
At Netball last year I was the vice captain for my team. It was a nice year . Every Thursday after school we would practice our netball skills.
Then we would go to the netball courts.
If it's raining before we go to the netball courts , then it would be cancelled.
But if it's raining and we are at the netball courts then we would still have our game.
This year I am going to sign up for netball with my freinds again.
If I make it in then I would have another nice year.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to take a screenshot online.

1. Click on google search and type dogs.

2. Click on images.

3. Then click on the cogwheel and the click advanced search.

4. Then scroll down and click on Only images labeled for reuse. Conditions might apply.

5. Then click on search images.

6. Then choose a image.

7. Then take a screen shot of your image that you chose by selecting the ctr 4 keys.

8. now you can use you picture

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Staring at my kiwifruit it looked smooth and tasty. While I was gazing at the inside of my kiwi fruit the seeds looked like baby ants. Looking really closely it looked hideous and awful.

Feeling my Kiwifruit it felt gross and disgusting. I was so disgusted because it was really watery. The outside of the Kiwifruit was rotten, it had these bumps, it looked like bruises.

While I was chewing my kiwifruit it was sour. It was so awful. As I was licking my Kiwifruit juice came running down my hands.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Acrostic poem

Remember to go around the outside.
Everyone wears their uniform with pride.
Strive to succeed and you will be a champion.
Purua to potae so you don’t get sun burn.
Every time we cross the road we stop think and do.
Chuck it in the bin and you will succeed.
Talk about it when you are unhappy.

Friday, February 3, 2012

About Me

Talofa lava my name is Aldora. I am in room 15 and I am a year six. I was in the production in 2011 and I was one of the dancers.

When I came back to school I was happy to see my friends and my new class and my new Teacher. I love coming to school because I like to play sports like my favorite sport, Netball. This year I cant’ wait to go to the year six camp.

I am looking forward for field trips, because I love going on the bus and to see new places.