Tuesday, September 11, 2012


As I walked into class Mr marks was holding some bands in his hands, I thought that we were doing something special. Mr marks told us to line up to go out to the courts. When we finally reached the senior courts we thought, what are we doing here. then Mr marks said to get a pairs.

“We are going to be kind of like to the paralympics people in london” said Mr Marks. In my mind I thought, what's paralympics. Then we played relay, BUT we just had to sprint with one hand  and that gave us a disadvantage.

It was difficult running with one hand but I made it to the end. When I got to the end I thought that was harder and challenging. It nearly made me fall down.

While my partner was running I was looking at the other people and they were hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing. It looked like they were penguins.

This time Mr marks said that we have to put both of our hand in the bands and it was really hard. When it was my turn I raced to the end and I raced back.



  1. Hi Aldora,
    Your Story Sounds Fantastic But I Do Think That You Could Go Back And Edit It Like One Or Two Sentences They Don't Start With A Capital Letter But The Rest Sounds Great Keep Up The Good Work Aldora.

  2. I Adorable
    one little mistake adore. You in your first paragrapher were you said get a pairs did't really make sentient's. But did have a very good story and if we had to give a score it wood be a 59 out of 60 good story


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