Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Staring at my kiwifruit it looked smooth and tasty. While I was gazing at the inside of my kiwi fruit the seeds looked like baby ants. Looking really closely it looked hideous and awful.

Feeling my Kiwifruit it felt gross and disgusting. I was so disgusted because it was really watery. The outside of the Kiwifruit was rotten, it had these bumps, it looked like bruises.

While I was chewing my kiwifruit it was sour. It was so awful. As I was licking my Kiwifruit juice came running down my hands.


  1. Hi Aldora,
    your story sounds great!!! But must of all yore sentences!!! Keep up the great job.

  2. Hi Aldora,

    Really love the work that you are doing!!!
    I love how you described how you looked at it.
    Also LOVE the piece of drawing you have amazingly done!
    Was it so hard to eat something that you don't like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep the great work up!!

    Luv josephine!!

  3. Wow aldora what a great story you have written. keep it up and I cant' wait till your next blog post. I hope your next blog post can be better then before.


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