Friday, August 31, 2012

Favourite Food!

My favourite food is chocolate, because it is yummy.Every time I go to the shops with my mum I always get chocolate. My favourite flavour is caramel. Who ever loves chocolate is my best friend!  I love chocolate.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cross Country.

“Cross country, Cross country” is the worst event ever. I would never dream about cross country. Today is cross country and I am not feeling good. But I  just want to support my team TE ARAWA.  “GO TE ARAWA” I said quietly to myself.

“On your marks, get set, “Bang” shouted Mr Burt. Off we went trying hard not to bang into each other. I was already muddy. Luckily I didn’t slip like some other girls did at the start line.

As we were getting near some more puddles, I realised that the track was dangerous. Jogging carefully down the slippery stairs I nearly slipped but luckily I held onto the tree. I was happily saved by the tree.

“Oh my god” I said, I never knew cross country was going to be so hard and long. When I got half way I started to sprint so I could catch up to some girls but sadly I didn’t. I was getting closer to the finish line and I was so proud of myself.

“yeah” I said happily to myself. I was nearly there. I sprinted to the finish line and  made myself happy. I had a drink and then I had a rest. Looking down at my pretty purple and black shoes, it was all muddy and yucky.

I had fun running the whole track with my friends. It was awesome, and most of all it’s fun hearing about your friends achieving their goals. It was an amazing day.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Having a BBQ.

"One dollar for a sausage" Mr Marks shouted with a big angry voice, we were doing a barbecue. I was so excited to start because I was starving. I was so happy that we were doing a barbecue.

While other people were cutting the onions Mr Marks was doing the barbecue I could smell a yummy taste. It was making me hungry.The smell was so strong it made my tummy rumble.

After they all cut the onions and the sausage was ready, the girls lined up and got a napkin with a bread on it and inside of the bread was a sausage wrapped inside. Then they finally came to me so I could squeeze tomato sauce onto their sausage.

Finally it was my turn to line up. I had a nice napkin and inside of  the bread and inside was a yummy sausage. Then I squeezed my favourite sauce on top of my sausage.

Hmmm I said happily to myself, looking at my sausage with greedy look. I was so excited to take my first bite. Finally I took my first huge bite.It was so incredible. I was nearly full. “I want another sausage” I whispered to myself.

Having a barbeque was so fun. Then I realised that everybody was crying because the onions were making them cry. Lucky I didn’t  cut the onions. I was so relieved that we were finished. I had a great afternoon cooking with my classroom.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Princess Pinky

One day I went to the pet store and I bought a pet. I picked the pink one because it was so cute and pink was my favourite colour. When it was dinner I feed my pet so that I could get some choclate from my mum.

“Time for bed” shouted my mum with a angry voice. Then I ran upstairs and went to sleep. As I was sleeping I was dreaming about my pet thinking of what name to name my pet. In the morning I got dressed for school and ate cereal and then I feed my pet.

That afternoon I picked a name for my cute pet. I named it princess Pinky because that was a cute name for a pet. “Princess Pinky come and eat” I yelled with excitement. Feeding my pet I could tell she was still hungry. Putting a treat in her mouth she had a little giggle.

After I feed princess pinky I went to take her for a walk to get some exercise. While we were walking there was another dog coming this way with the evil twins called Ana and Ata. When we walked past them I was so scared that they would do something to me but they didn’t. They only said bad stuff about me but I didn’t care.

When we got home I went to sleep with princess pinky and I had a good sleep.THE END.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Best Rippa rugby training ever

“RINGRING” Shouted the bell with a enormous loud voice. Walking down the hall way I grabbed my bag and ran off screaming with a loud voice saying “YEAH”.When I finally got to the courts I quickly got a zip of water and went to change in the bathrooms.

After I got changed I put on my tags and stretched before we started to train. Walking around the courts awkwardly waiting for our coach I  went for a quick jog around the smallest courts I could see. After I had a quick jog I was just in time to start.

“Run around the courts for a warm girls” shouted Miss Vaafusuaga with crunchy voice trying to finish off her food. While we were jogging around the courts I was getting a little bit tired because I just finished running around the other court. “Finally” I said quietly to my friend trying so hard not to disturb Miss Vaafusuaga.

“Now we have to do a cut” Said Miss Vaafusuaga with angriness. As we were doing ball skills I was really exhausted. Then we learned how to step, at first I wasn’t that good then I got better and better.

After we did some ball skills we finished off with a quick game. It was a good thing to finish off with training.That was the best training ever!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cross country practise

“Yeah” I shouted with excitement, we are going cross country training. I was really excited to start  because I wanted to get fitter. “ Ready, Get set, GO” Shouted Mr Marks with a loud voice, Off we went like giant cats chasing little rats.

As I was running I realised that it was congested in the breeze. Running as fast as I could I slowed down so I could catch my breath. As soon as I ran past Miss King I couldn’t run anymore because I had a really bad stitch.

“Now i’m on my second lap” singing with happiness. When I reached the end I was so relieved that I was finished. Slowly breathing through my nose I realised it was starting to rain, “OH NO” I shouted with anger trying to make the rain go away. Standing in the rain angry I was singing “Rain Rain go away come back another day”. I screamed with a loud and angry powerful voice.

“Stretch time” shouted Mr Marks with a powerful voice. Walking very slowly I tried to walk faster but my legs were not very happy with me. Finally I got to the courts then we started to stretch. “To the side to the other side” said Mr marks.”BEEP BEEP”! said the bell  with a loud voice.”Yeah” I shouted. “ That was a tiring and  exhausting day. I wish I could be fit like Grace one day.