Thursday, August 9, 2012

Best Rippa rugby training ever

“RINGRING” Shouted the bell with a enormous loud voice. Walking down the hall way I grabbed my bag and ran off screaming with a loud voice saying “YEAH”.When I finally got to the courts I quickly got a zip of water and went to change in the bathrooms.

After I got changed I put on my tags and stretched before we started to train. Walking around the courts awkwardly waiting for our coach I  went for a quick jog around the smallest courts I could see. After I had a quick jog I was just in time to start.

“Run around the courts for a warm girls” shouted Miss Vaafusuaga with crunchy voice trying to finish off her food. While we were jogging around the courts I was getting a little bit tired because I just finished running around the other court. “Finally” I said quietly to my friend trying so hard not to disturb Miss Vaafusuaga.

“Now we have to do a cut” Said Miss Vaafusuaga with angriness. As we were doing ball skills I was really exhausted. Then we learned how to step, at first I wasn’t that good then I got better and better.

After we did some ball skills we finished off with a quick game. It was a good thing to finish off with training.That was the best training ever!

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  1. As usual another nice piece of writing Aldora. I like that you are using topic words, speech and a variety of sentence beginnings.


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