Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cross country practise

“Yeah” I shouted with excitement, we are going cross country training. I was really excited to start  because I wanted to get fitter. “ Ready, Get set, GO” Shouted Mr Marks with a loud voice, Off we went like giant cats chasing little rats.

As I was running I realised that it was congested in the breeze. Running as fast as I could I slowed down so I could catch my breath. As soon as I ran past Miss King I couldn’t run anymore because I had a really bad stitch.

“Now i’m on my second lap” singing with happiness. When I reached the end I was so relieved that I was finished. Slowly breathing through my nose I realised it was starting to rain, “OH NO” I shouted with anger trying to make the rain go away. Standing in the rain angry I was singing “Rain Rain go away come back another day”. I screamed with a loud and angry powerful voice.

“Stretch time” shouted Mr Marks with a powerful voice. Walking very slowly I tried to walk faster but my legs were not very happy with me. Finally I got to the courts then we started to stretch. “To the side to the other side” said Mr marks.”BEEP BEEP”! said the bell  with a loud voice.”Yeah” I shouted. “ That was a tiring and  exhausting day. I wish I could be fit like Grace one day.

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  1. Great work Aldora. You have used some good words, varied your sentence types and beginnings and have retold your experience well.

    Next time try not to repeat your words as much. For example the powerful voice and angry.


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