Friday, May 18, 2012

If there was no rain, sea creatures would possibly survive.

There is a part of the world where it doesn’t rain. There it is dry where animals and plants don’t live.

Rain supplies us and animals with water to drink so we can survive. Water helps plants to grow.

Some people in citys become angry when it rains, they forget how badly  farmers need the water to help grow their  plants and crops, they also forget how much they need rain, that goes through the dams and when you turn on the tap it works.  

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Swimming lessons

When we entered the pool, I could smell the chlorine coming straight to my nose. When I past the entrance I quietly tiptoed like a mouse to the showers. After I had a rinse I slid into the swimming pool, as I was getting in, I realised I was the first one to get in.

Waiting politely I, went under the water and came back up.
After a while the rest came and then we started. “Swim to the island and have 5 seconds rest then swim back” Shouted our Instructor, angrily.

“Straight arms behind your ears, off you go Annliz” said our instructor.  I was after Annliz, so I took a deep breath and took off like a rocket ship. As soon as I got to the end I was so tired I didn’t want swim again. “This reminds me about the time when we did cross country”.

I love swimming because it exercises my legs, and my body. I hope I will be a great swimmer like the swimmers on tv.