Thursday, September 27, 2012

At the beach

One afternoon Jason and Grace were enjoying the beach. They were looking at some boats that were sailing on the beach. While they were enjoying the beach grace looked down at her watch and it was 4:00, so it was time to head home.

As they were walking towards their car Grace just remembered about her good luck bracelet that she got for christmas from her grandma. Then they walked back down and looked for it. “I have to find before grandma finds out” Grace said sadly.  

They were looking for her bracelet for two hours. “Have you seen a gold and silver bracelet” asked grace to a stranger that was hanging out at the beach. While Grace was looking for her bracelet Jason was eating a lollipop, and then he put it in the
bin, when he looked down at the bin he screamed “Grace I found you good luck bracelet, shouted Jason.

“HOORAY” shouted Grace and Jason.After they found Grace’s  bracelet they went home and had dinner. Grace was so happy that she found her bracelet and she weared her good luck bracelet for the rest of her life. THE END!

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  1. Well done,

    I have fallen in love with your narrative , Its awesome that your a great writer and person. You use great punctuation . I loved the bit when Jason was eating his lollipop!

    Good luck Aldora!


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