Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Immersion Assembly

When I arrived at school all the teachers were wearing crazy costumes and masks. Then I remembered we were going to have an Immersion Assembly.

When we got to the hall Mr Burt told us a story. It was about the Maui fishing up New Zealand from the sea. There was a diffrent version, about the stars in the sky called Maniakalani. It was about Maui and his hook, he used the constelation to gaurd them from hawahi to New Zealand.

First up was team one, they had made a movie about the sun. They made there own really cool suns. I enjoyed Team 1’s item.

Team 2 was introduced and they walked onto the stage wearing black costumes and space helmets. They were dancing,it was really funny. What a cool item!

Next up was Team 3, they had also made a movie. It was about gravity. It showed that in space you floated and on earth you didn’t.

Team 4 teachers came up on the stage and danced like ballerinas to twinkle twinkle star. The song was sung by the wiggles. I though it was funny.

Team 5 was funny too, it was also a movie but it was about Starwars. Except the teachers were the characters!
That was my favourite item.

I really enjoyed the Immersion Assembly. I can’t wait to learn more about this topic!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My sisters Birthday

On Sunday it was my sisters Birthday, she turned 6 years old. We went to Botany to do her shopping with my family to celebrate her birthday. Then we went to my Aunties house and we did a BBQ. Then she blow her cake and we sang Happy Birthday, it was beautiful day.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Thinking reflection

I enjoyed maths, because we learn different strategies.
I don’t like Aussie Rules because it’s boring and when I pass the ball it goes out of control.
What I learnt this term is making sure that my writing makes sense.
This term is awesome because it’s nice finishing with a production.
I found the Internet interesting because when I go on the Internet it sometimes works and it sometimes doesn't work.
I could do my reading a little bit better so I can understand a bit more what the word that I don’t no means.


Tackling and defending the warriors as they prepare to battle. The crowed went wild.

This game was held in Australia, Sydney. Running through the tackles the warriors droped kicked and got a goal. The crowed were cheering for the warriors.

At half time the warriors had heaps of pressure on their minds. Sprinting through the field the warriors got tackled and their scores were not that far behind Manly and the game was almost over. The Warriors finished the game with a drop kick.

I thought that the game was really good. I was proud of the warriors.

Sonny Bill Williams

Slowly getting the ball Sonny Bill got badly tackled. Angrily getting up he quickly side stepped
and caught the ball to score a try. Wow All Blacks scored a try.