Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Haka

Challenging actions were shown by the All-Blacks with piercing screams. Passinaote warriors prepared to battle with fierce war cries.

Monday, August 29, 2011


Buzzy Bee is the most famous toy in New Zealand many Buzzy Bees have been sold in many country’s in New Zealand. Nearly every child has a Buzzy Bee to play with in New Zealand.

Jandales are a type of shoes you can wear at the beach when it’s hot. They are made from rubber and on top it has very cool pictures. In some countries they are called slippers and in Australia they call them flappers.

I hope your going to have a good time at the rugby world cup.

A healthy diet!!!!

Children should eat healthy food to keep their body going. We have to keep healthy so we can grow.Children should eat a variety of different foods to stay healthy.healthy diet (mp3)

These are the meals we should eat everyday. Bread and cereal, fruit and vegetable,milk and dairy and meat and fish. We need fats and sugar everyday but only in limited amounts. Milk and water are the best drinks for kids, fizz and juice should be left for treats.

If you eat right then you live right!

Friday, August 26, 2011


Last week on Thursday room 13 went to the hall to play Badminton. We go to the hall every Thursday’s to play badminton.Donna is our teacher she teacher’s us trick’s, back and forth hand and even more.

This week Donna t us how to serve, First of all you will hold the racket upside down, in front of you. Secondly you flick your wrist and hit the shuttle over the net. That’s how you serve. After she had told us how to serve then she moved on to the back and forth hand that was really hard to do, when I tried my highest score was six, I thought I could do better than that but I couldn't’t. Then she told us how to play badminton soccer, you have to get a partner for this game, first of all you get four shuttles two for your partner and two for you.
Then you get one more shuttle and use it to play with. Me and my partner were not very good at it but I still won. After that we played a game, it’s like tennis you have to hit the shuttle over the net but if you don’t hit and don’t get it over the net then you will be out and you will have to go at the back of the line and it will be the next person’s turn.

When it was my turn I got out easily because I hit the shuttle our by accident. After that Donna blowed her whistle and told us to come and sit down. It was time to go, it was nearly home time, and we said to Donna Thank you.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Zinzan Broke

In room 13 we had to do a presentation about a old famous all-black. We did this because it goes with our topic.I hope you enjoyed it.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Art work

In our class room we did an art work. First we did a scrap one then we did our real one. The first thing we did was to draw a wavey line. Then we started to do arc's and we coloured it in and that's how we made this awesome art work.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Holiday at rainbowsend

In the holidays we went to rainbowsend. The first ride we went on was the new ride called the invater, well if you haven't been on it well it spins around and goes up and down. Then we went to the other new ride called the power surch it was really scary it made me want to spue up,when you go up it looks like your going to fall down. After that we went on the Log which is kind of like boat but it goes really slow, there can only be about two people in the front and one at the back I went with my cousin Jeryco and my other cousin Cordan. When we went I was waiting until it goes fast but it didn't so we started to rock the log but then we went past a sign and it said PLEASE DO NOT ROCK THE LOG so we stopped. Then we went In a dark place, it was really freaky it was so scared the I was holding on to my cousin and closed my eyes.At the end of the ride we went on the rollacoster, it was short but I still liked it. After that we went on the dragan, it was slow too but at the end it went fast.Then me and my cousin Jeryco went on the Fear Fall, we went slow going up but when we went down it went really fast and that made me have heaps of butterflies. Then we had our lunch brake and we had chiken lunchen sandwhichies and hot dogs with drinks. Then we went on the other ride called the Gold rush it was like the Log but Gold rush was faster and better.After that we went on the Mostion Mater it's really cool when you go in you watch a small movie and then you go and sit on a chair and the lights go off and you will get a 3D glasses and a movie will play and the chair moves and it looks like your riding it. After the Mostion Master we went on the pirate ship it was like a swing.Then we went in the line to go on bumbby boats but is was closed so we went on the chair to wait for my cousins to come.Then we saw John Cambell. While we were waiting we took some photos and then they came and we went in the car and went home. I was really tired but I had a fun day.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Jonah Lomu

Jonah Lomu was the first global superstar of rugby.He played 63 games for All blacks.He is 196cm tall and 125kgs, he's really big but really fast.In 2003 Jonah Lomu had Kidney disease. Jonah Lomu had to go to the hospital every week to clean his blood, he had to sit there for 4 hours and a machine would clean his blood.Then a man from the radio station called Grant Kereama gave his other kidney to Jonah Lomu.Jonah Lomu wanted to play rugby again but people thought that if he plays again then he mite get Kidney desese, then grant Kereama said " if you want to play rugby then go ahead and follow what you want to do. So Jonah Lomu wanted to play rugby and he did, so he played rugby again.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How the rugby started?

The game football was played in rugby school.Holding the ball was permitted but your not aloud to run with it.The number of players on the Field could be hundreds or more. This caused major injuries.In 1823 William Web Ellis ran with the ball, he broke the rules.Then a couple of years later they wrote the first rules of the new sport called rugby.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


On the second day of term 3 we went to see Lynn and Harold.They travel around school's in Auckland to teach student's how to care for there body and the earth. I learnt to eat healthy food and care for your health.