Friday, August 10, 2012

Princess Pinky

One day I went to the pet store and I bought a pet. I picked the pink one because it was so cute and pink was my favourite colour. When it was dinner I feed my pet so that I could get some choclate from my mum.

“Time for bed” shouted my mum with a angry voice. Then I ran upstairs and went to sleep. As I was sleeping I was dreaming about my pet thinking of what name to name my pet. In the morning I got dressed for school and ate cereal and then I feed my pet.

That afternoon I picked a name for my cute pet. I named it princess Pinky because that was a cute name for a pet. “Princess Pinky come and eat” I yelled with excitement. Feeding my pet I could tell she was still hungry. Putting a treat in her mouth she had a little giggle.

After I feed princess pinky I went to take her for a walk to get some exercise. While we were walking there was another dog coming this way with the evil twins called Ana and Ata. When we walked past them I was so scared that they would do something to me but they didn’t. They only said bad stuff about me but I didn’t care.

When we got home I went to sleep with princess pinky and I had a good sleep.THE END.

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  1. I very like your story about princess pinky But you should make it more interesting about princess pinky.


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