Thursday, August 16, 2012

Having a BBQ.

"One dollar for a sausage" Mr Marks shouted with a big angry voice, we were doing a barbecue. I was so excited to start because I was starving. I was so happy that we were doing a barbecue.

While other people were cutting the onions Mr Marks was doing the barbecue I could smell a yummy taste. It was making me hungry.The smell was so strong it made my tummy rumble.

After they all cut the onions and the sausage was ready, the girls lined up and got a napkin with a bread on it and inside of the bread was a sausage wrapped inside. Then they finally came to me so I could squeeze tomato sauce onto their sausage.

Finally it was my turn to line up. I had a nice napkin and inside of  the bread and inside was a yummy sausage. Then I squeezed my favourite sauce on top of my sausage.

Hmmm I said happily to myself, looking at my sausage with greedy look. I was so excited to take my first bite. Finally I took my first huge bite.It was so incredible. I was nearly full. “I want another sausage” I whispered to myself.

Having a barbeque was so fun. Then I realised that everybody was crying because the onions were making them cry. Lucky I didn’t  cut the onions. I was so relieved that we were finished. I had a great afternoon cooking with my classroom.

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  1. I can tell you have planned for this piece of writing as your paragraphs are about one idea. As usual you are using nice expressive, juicy writing which makes it so nice to read.


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