Wednesday, February 29, 2012

School Picnic

Walking together we went down to the Point England reserve. As I was walking, I saw some teachers taking Pictures of some crazy students. Walking and chatting at the same time I could see a nice view.

When we finally got down to the point England reserve we gathered together and did Assembly. Mr Burt talked about where we are allowed to be and what we are allowed to do. While Mr Burt was talking to us I felt my bottom, it was wet. The weather was kind of okay for a picnic, but it was fun.

Jumping off the groyne I splashed into the water. Shivering to death I went out of the water. "Oh that was really cold" I shouted.

After that I played force-back with Annliz, Ana, Mele, Hope, Grace, Charlee and Mr Marks. It was a new game to me, but it was really fun playing with all my friend's and my teacher.

As soon as I played force-back I was starving, so I went for a feed. While I was chewing my food I went to play with the clay together with my friends. Making my Clay sculptures, sand went all over me. I went up the stairs and my favourite song was on, and I droped my clay. I was so angry.

After playing and eating I just had a rest under the shade with Ana and Josephine. I was so bored just resting under the shade but I was tired. Looking around made me want to play. It looked so much fun.

As soon as I had a little rest I got up and played passing the ball and Piggy in the middle. While we were playing they played karaoke. But we only played two songs because we had to pick up the rubbish and pack up the games.

Then we came together and we had to walk back to school. I went home and I was really exhausted. I hope we do another picnic.

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