Friday, November 4, 2011

Ice cream comet

Yum! I said to myself. Room 13 made ice cream comets.

Filled with wild excitement, I waited patiently in the line. First Lesilei poured sprinkles with crushed biscuits in to my hands. Then as Miss King scooped the ice cream into my hands it dripped through my fingers. “ Hurry up Whaea Janeille” I said to myself, as I was waiting for my cone.

So I grabbed a tissue and wiped my hands, and I started to eat my ice cream comet. As I was eating my ice cream comet it tasted sweet and Delicious. Holding my ice cream comet, it felt soft and cold.

Ice cream comets were the best. I hope I can make them at home one day.

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  1. Hello Aldora! I bet the ice cream was freezing on your hands and yummy in your tummy! Your description is very good - you use sentences well and your spelling and descriptive words are great. Very well done.


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