Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Alien snot

yuck! The gooey snot came between my hands. Room 13 made slimy alien snot.

If you want to make alien snot it’s so easy to make here are the instructions. Get a bowl and a spoon pour in 1 cup of corn flour. A little bit of water then mix it. Then add in green colouring and give it good mix, and that’s how you make alien snot.

Whaea Janeillie poured corn flour in our bowl, then Miss King poured in water . So we gave it a quick mix and noticed it harden quickly. We decided to put our hands into the mixture and it felt really weird.

Our group thought it was smooth and squishy. The slimy snot felt like jelly running down my hand. It so looked like green paint, yuck Alien snot I said.

I liked this activity and making this strange and messy substance.

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