Monday, September 12, 2011


Finally the day had come for us to do cross country at Pt England.I thought the race would never end. When we were going to start I started to get thirsty, that made me even more nervous.

Standing on the start line my heart was pounding really fast, I was nervous. When Mr Burt said On your marks get set GO I raced off. When we ran I bumped into ANA, that made me slow down, I nearly slipped over her but lucky I was still running. After a while me and my friend ANA slowed down and started to jog, we were quiet slow and sweaty and we just started.

As we were running my feet started to hurt and my lungs were burning. When we passed the bridge I started to walk to catch my breath. While we were walking through the bush I smelled this funny smell it smelt like stinky socks, I felt like spieling up.

When we got near the finish line I just started to walk, I was exhausted. After that I ran to the finish line and I thought to myself “thank goodness it’s finish”. I was really proud of my self

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