Monday, September 19, 2011

Aussie rules.

On a blustery afternoon we went down the bottom field to play Aussie rules.

Walking down to the muddy field we met two girls called Megan and Alysa,they showed us a warm up called the jumper bumper. First of all you find a partner then you hop on one leg and try to bump them over and if you put your leg down then you will be out.

While we were warming up Megan blew her whistle and we moved on to the next skill. The next skill was really hard to do it was bouncing the ball 10 times without dropping it. It was really frustrating to bounce the ball because if you bounce it then it will go flying in the air out of control.

Later we played a game like baseball but instead of hitting the ball you kick it and if you catch the ball on a full then the player is out. So we got ready to play the game.When it was my turn I got about two scores for our team but after my turn the other person got out and so the other team got another point. While we were waiting in the line we were practising bouncing the ball with Mr Harise.

After the game they told us how to do a kick called the drop punt. So then we tried to do it but it was really hard to kick it straight to your partner.

Then we went back to class and had a wonderful afternoon. I’m looking forward to next Thursday.

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