Monday, July 11, 2011


On a windy and cold day room 13 and room 14 went on trip to MOTAT.Filled with excitement we went on the bus.When we got there a lady called Stacey came, she was our teacher for the day.Then we came to a warm class room where we eat our lunch, then Stacey told us what we are going to do. So then we followed Stacey to this place that had stuff that people invented, it was so cool.After that we went in our groups and looked around.While waiting for Miss King my group and I went in a big black old train it was really old. When Miss King came we went to the whisper dishes it was fun cause there's two bid whisper dishes and you whisper to the other person on the other side.Then we went to this place where there was cool stuff and then we went to look at the house's that people used to live in, it was freaky.After that we went to the olden day school when we went in, it looked really small that's what I thought.Then we went and looked at the other house's as we were walking we saw a man in the toilet reading some sort of book, I know it sound's crazy but it's true.As we walked it started to rain so we went under shelter and waited until the rain stopped. So we waited and waited but we couldn't stay longer so we went and looked at the other house's and and it was really freaky.Then we went to the Mirror Maze I was dieing to go there it's so cool. When we went I all ready knew the way but when I went again I forgot the way and I got stuck.After that we went and looked at the olden day car's I saw a really cool car and I wanted it to be my car.Then we went to the olden day cinemas it was small.After that we went to the last tram, when we went inside we thought it was cool, we saw lot's of people that died and we even of people that made the Harbor bridge. Then Miss King saw a photo of a play ground and she said that when she was little she that was her favorite play ground and her mum used to take her there. After that we went to get all the groups together and eat our lunch, then we got together and ate our lunch and then we got ready to go in the Tactile Dome. So we walked together to the Dome and a man came and told us instructions and group by group went inside. I was waiting for my turn finally it came so I went inside with Kashya and chyna it was really dark I was scared. When I heard Thea I screamed "Thea Where are you" Then Thea said " bye'' and that made me more scared.Kashya and Chyna Followed me and I said were nearly there but we came back from the start.So we went back inside and we thought we were stuck because there was a net and we we just waiting. Then Gloria and Jordene came and helped us get out we climbed up the net then we slided down the slide it was fun. After the Tactile Dome we just went and looked around and came back at the class room and went on the bus . When we got to school I wanted to go home but I wasn't alowed so we went to our class room and Miss King read a Story. I felt So Tiered and Lazy. I had a Really nice day on Wednesday. I had a fun day.


  1. Hi Aidora like your story it is so cool.ana

  2. Hi Aldora

    What a cool story about going to the MOTAT
    that was super cool
    keep up to good work !


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