Monday, May 16, 2011


Filled with anticipation, we walked to the pool, when we got there we walked through the entrance. Then we got changed in to our togs and went for a quick shower, my shower was
freezing cold but when I went in to the pool it was nice and warm.Miss King told us to put our ear in the water and swim then I got to the end and then we swam back then Miss King said to do the best freestyle you can do so I did my best freestyle I could then I swam back quickly. Then it was the boys turn and they had to do the same thing that we did, after there turn Miss King said since you have been so wonderful you can have free time but if you hear me counting that means that you have to come back understood and we said yes so, we jumped in the pool and had a nice time with our friends me and Gloria were playing tiggy and I was in so I went after her but then I heard Miss King counting and then I quickly swam back. Then Miss King told us to get changed quickly because the bell was going to go so we quickly changed, when we got to school we just went home I had a nice day at school.

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