Monday, February 14, 2011

netbook day

FIRST Mrs Burt came in with a big trolley with our net book on it.Mrs Burt came in and tackled about looking after our beautifully net books,a little while ago Mr Burt came in our classroom and talked about looking after our screen and our keyboard .Then Mrs Burt handed out the papers so we can sign the paper.after that miss king gave out the pens so we can sign our paper.Then Mrs Burt and miss king and the other helpers handed out our net book , then the helpers put on our name tags on our net books.after that we counted up to ten then we opened our net books and signed our password then I played games on my net book. after that my batterer died so I closed my net book then Mrs Burt and Mrs king and the helpers took our net book to Gage so we were Bord. after that Mrs Burt said ''that was wonder full room 13 thank you''.

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